estudio-5 is a one stop shop for your editorial, design, translation, production, and consultation needs.

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estudio-5 is a one stop shop for your editorial, design, translation, production, and consultation needs.

Throughout our over 20 years of experience in magazine design, publishing, and corporate communication, clean and functional design has been a top priority. We pay attention to the smallest details and recognize that one design does not fit all. We excel at creating a customized look to fit the particular needs of your project.

Whether it is a marketing brochure, a web banner, or a glossy magazine, we strongly believe that design starts with a clear definition of the target audience and the goal that needs to be achieved. Are you working on a marketing campaign? Are you wanting to inform readers about new and exciting happenings at your university? Are you promoting your city or state to tourists or investors? We can help you ask the right questions before placing anything on a layout.

Our design philosophy is to coordinate the visual aspects of a project with the editorial content; not to repeat or merely wrap up the copy. Specifically, the use of charts and graphics, captions, and photos complement the text. Readability, from a graphics perspective, is to provide the audience with a clear flow of the content, arranged in a way that helps them clearly understand the overall intent of each piece we produce.

As in every aspect of our services, collaboration with our clients throughout the design process is essential to a successful design.

Whether you need an email, a marketing brochure, or a 400 page technical manual, attention to detail is key. Writing or editing for clients depends on understanding the intent and vision of the project. Once that is established, the rest becomes diligently applying editorial best practices honed over 25 years of experience.

Our job is to take your vision or originals and collaborate to compose an active and engaging document. Here are some of the overarching matters that we take into consideration with every project:

  • Perspective: How to reach the audience with the information given
  • Structure: Whether the sequence or flow matches the objectives of the document
  • Clarity: If the syntax and word choices of each section get the point across
  • Conciseness: Using less words and more direct language to increase readability
  • Consistency: Finding coherence and concordance of form and function among all aspects of the document
  • Accuracy: Helping to ensure that the copy is correct and as flawless as possible
  • Effectiveness: Whether the text and visuals efficiently achieve the overall goal for the document
  • Quality: If the document meets all the above in an elegant and practical way

Collaborating with clients, keeping up with best practices, along with ensuring usability and readability for readers, are the basic tenets of our editorial service.

There is no replacing the unique insights of translators who are native speakers in both languages and professional writers and editors themselves.

Crafting text in English, German, or Spanish is our specialty; however we have partnered successfully with other individuals and companies to translate into other languages, such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

We have seen too many translations that fall short of the originals and are rife with changes in tone and word choices from section to section. For companies that insist on effectiveness, this results in added costs to correct.

If you want quality that is on par with your originals, there is no cutting corners. Translation is a meticulous craft recreating a document in another language, often requiring tough linguistic choices. We have extensive experience making such choices and will openly share our thoughts and questions along the way.

Supporting the production of documents from start to finish, on time and on budget, requires a mix of tried and true management practices, as well as up to date technology.

Keeping files and everyone on course requires modern software to facilitate file tracking, file managing, flat planning, and overall project oversight. We subscribe to and provide these at no additional charge because we are committed to being at the cutting edge of our industry in every way possible.

What we do to manage production for our clients:

  • Plan for the needs of the project
  • Select and coordinate design teams, writers, editors, printers, photographers, illustrators, etc.
  • Optimize quality and work flow by implementing the latest software
  • Prompt and support team members at each pivotal stage of the work schedule
  • Configure the proper file output for print
  • Manage files and archive
  • Retrieve files from our backed-up archives, as necessary

Whether a project is for an email blast, a full color magazine, or a product manual translated into multiple languages, we understand each stage of the production process and can help you reach the desired results.

Does your company already have writers, designers, or a tech team to produce and publish your marketing or technical documents? Are you growing and in need of some neutral, professional input? Getting assessed by someone who is not part of the day to day dynamics can bring fresh insight and direction during transitions.

We can help assess and coordinate an efficient and effective documentation strategy. Having worked with highly successful editorial, design, and production teams gives us the benchmarks. Having also worked through the challenges faced when teams are transitioning to a new process gives us insights on how to help.

Whether it is with one document or a total shift onto a new branding strategy, we offer our expertise to share with your team's particular experience. Some ways that we have shared our experiences include the following:

  • Branding
  • Style Guides
  • Conferences
  • Webinars
  • PowerPoints
  • Redesigns
  • Document Reviews

Let us know how we can help you produce your own effective, high quality documents.